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iOS 17.4 Update

Apple Releases iOS 17.4, Checks a Series of New Features for iPhone Users

Morrissey Technology – Apple released the new operating system iOS 17.4 for iPhone users globally with this new operating system bringing a number of new features. For global users, iOS 17.4 brings a number of new features. For example, the Apple Podcasts app adds an automatically generated audio transcript feature for English, French, German, and Spanish podcasts. With this feature, users can search for specific phrases or words in episodes.

Later, iOS 17.4 also brought a new cryptographic protocol for the iMessage service, known as PQ3. This should strengthen end-to-end message encryption against potential quantum computing attacks. In addition, on this new operating system, Siri will get smarter and have the option to read incoming messages in any supported language, such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more. Then, this operating system update brought more than 100 new emojis, such as lime, broken chain, brown mushroom, and nodding/shaking your head.

According to The Verge, iPhone 15 devices using iOS 17.4 will also display more battery-related information under the Battery Health settings, including the number of cycles, date of manufacture, and when the battery was first used. Lastly, the music recognition feature introduced in iOS 14.2 now allows users to add identified songs to Apple Music libraries and playlists.

iOS 17.4 is compatible with models ranging from the iPhone X lineup to the second generation iPhone SE and newer. Users can install the iOS 17.4 update by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

One of the special things about this update is that iOS 17.4 allows iPhone users to install applications from outside the Apple App Store application store, aka third-party applications. However, this only applies to iPhone users in the European Union.

This is to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, a law that aims to make the digital economy fairer by eliminating the unfair advantages that giant technology companies have over businesses and users. iOS 17.4 will allow third-party developers to offer alternative app marketplaces and app downloads to EU FOR4D users from outside the iOS App Store.

Developers who want to take advantage of this must go through Apple’s approval process and pay Apple a “Core Technology Fee” of 50 euro cents per install once the app reaches 1 million downloads per year.

iPhone owners in the European Union will see different update notes that specifically mention new options available for the app store, web browser, and payment options.

iOS 17.4 also allows users in the European Union to download alternative browsers that are not based on Apple’s WebKit, such as Chrome and Firefox, with a new selection screen in iOS Safari that will prompt users to choose a default browser when opened for the first time. While no browser alternative has been officially announced yet, Google and Mozilla are currently experimenting with a new iOS browser that could eventually be released to the public.

Google Staff

Google Staff Steals AI Secrets, Sells to Chinese Startup

Morrissey Technology – Google is suing its employees who allegedly stole the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology secrets, then sold them to startup companies in China. The employee, named Linwei Ding or Leon Ding, was charged with stealing AI trade secrets from the technology giant and secretly collaborating with two AI industrial companies based in China.

Ding was charged with four counts of theft of trade secrets. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison for each charge.

“The Department of Justice will not tolerate the theft of artificial intelligence and other advanced technology that could endanger our national security,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland in a statement.

Merrick added that his party would firmly protect sensitive technology developed in the United States (US) so that it does not fall into the hands of parties who should not have it.

Ding, a 38-year-old Chinese national living in California, is accused of copying more than 500 files containing confidential information from Google into his personal account over a period of one year starting in 2022. Prosecutors said these files included technology involved in the central building blocks Google’s advanced supercomputer data.

Ding currently does not have a lawyer to face the lawsuit. As part of his responsibilities at Google FOR4D, prosecutors said, Ding helped develop software used in Google’s supercomputer data centers. The job gave Ding access to Google’s hardware infrastructure, software platforms, and the AI ​​models and applications they support.

The Justice Department said months after Ding allegedly started copying Google files, he was offered a position as chief technology officer for an “early-stage technology company” based in China.

Ding allegedly went to China for several months, where he participated in investor meetings to raise money for the company. Potential investors in the company were told that Ding was an executive and owned 20 percent of the company. Prosecutors said Ding took steps to hide his work while in China, including having other employees use his badge to access his office to make it appear he was in the US. In the following year, Ding founded his own technology company in the field of “AI and machine learning industry.”



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Space Rocket China

China to Start Using SpaceX-style Space Shuttle Rockets Next Year

Morrissey Technology – China plans to use a space shuttle rocket starting next year for its space mission and to send humans to the Moon. The upcoming space mission is part of the latest Moon missions introduced by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), the main contractor for China’s space program.

This mission is said to be key to China’s goal of sending astronauts to the Moon by 2030. Unlike the rockets that China has used before, the two rockets that will be used in 2025 and 2026 are fully reusable. This means these rockets are not only more sustainable but also more cost-effective, as they do not need to be built from scratch for future missions. This kind of rocket technology has been adopted by the space company SpaceX, one of which is the Falcon 9 rocket.

“Falcon 9 is the world’s first reusable orbital class rocket. Reuse allows SpaceX to reuse the most expensive parts of the rocket, which in turn will lower the cost of access to space,” wrote SpaceX on its official website.

Meanwhile, China’s newest rockets are a 4 meter diameter rocket and a 5 meter diameter rocket. According to Space News, the larger rocket may be a variant of the planned Long March 10, a 92 meter long launch vehicle that has the capacity to send 27 tonnes into translunar orbit.

The Long March 10 rocket itself will be responsible for sending the crew of the Mengzhou spacecraft to the Moon in 2030. A test launch of the Long March 10 could take the crew capsule into Earth orbit as early as 2025, according to the space shuttle rocket’s recently announced schedule.

Meanwhile, details about the second space shuttle which will launch in 2026 have not been announced. Furthermore, several Chinese companies are currently also developing reusable rockets. In the future, space vehicles from CASC will greatly increase China’s options for launches and access to space, while competing with various commercial rocket companies in the country.

Ahead of next year’s launch, CASC is said to have successfully completed vertical takeoff and landing trials and achieved a major technological breakthrough in reusable rockets in 2023, citing Live Science. Representatives from CASC FOR4D said that the overall progress of the rocket project was very smooth.

SEO Google Update

New Algorithm, Google Removes Spam Sites from Search Lists

Morrissey Technology – Google launched an update that resulted in a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system and displaced spam sites from search results. Google’s move targets the SEO industry, which has damaged the quality of searches on Google Search. The reason is that consumer web searches for product recommendations, reviews, deals, and discounts produce low-quality or spam websites that do not provide the expert reviews or promotions they promise, even though they rank high in search listings. Google says this will change with their latest search system update.

On Tuesday (5/3), Google announced a search quality update that will specifically focus on improving website search quality rankings and will update Google Search spam policies.

As such, Google’s new policy will accommodate the need to evict low-quality content from search, such as outdated websites that are repurposed as spam repositories by new owners, as well as obituary spam.

“We are making algorithmic improvements to our core ranking system to ensure that we display the most useful information on the web and reduce unoriginal content in search results,” Google wrote on its page.

“We updated our spam policy to prevent low-quality content from Search, such as outdated websites that are repurposed as spam repositories by new owners and obituary spam,” he added.

Overall, the update aims to improve Google’s ranking system to downgrade pages that are “built for search engines, not humans.”

This means that sites that have a poor user experience or that appear to be designed to match very specific search queries will be impacted.

According to Tech Crunch, Google estimates that this update and a number of previous efforts will reduce low-quality and unoriginal content by up to 40 percent. Although Google’s blog page does not mention the term “artificial intelligence” or “AI” directly in this latest system update, a detailed post on Search Central does.

The company explained the impact of this new technology on the web by explaining that large-scale content creation methods often leverage automation. Due to the sophistication of this technology, it is not always clear whether the content was created by humans, whether automation was involved, or a combination of both.

Therefore, Google will focus on abusive behavior in large-scale content creation to improve search rankings, regardless of how the site is created. This can impact web pages that pretend to offer answers to popular search queries, but don’t actually provide much benefit to users. According to spokesperson Jennifer Kutz, these ranking changes will directly address low-quality AI-generated content that is designed to attract clicks, but does not provide much original value.

“This update will also address other types of content – content that may be human-generated but doesn’t provide much value to users. The main goal is to reduce the presence of pages that feel unsatisfactory, and lack original content,” he said.

As such, this content abuse policy will focus on content created by humans, generative AI FOR4D, or other automated means. Google’s update will also resolve the issue of site reputation abuse, which is when a website that normally displays good content, but also hosts low-quality content from third parties on their domain, in an attempt to confuse users and take advantage of the site’s existing reputation.

The company provides an example of how an educational website might also include payday loan reviews to gain ranking benefits, but we can also imagine this having an impact on many product review sites that apparently no longer do real hands-on testing, and only pretend to do so.

Furthermore, if Google successfully addresses its search quality issues, this could have a significant impact on how consumers perceive the usability of Google Search, which many people are increasingly concerned about in the wake of advances in AI. Google said they published their policy two months before its implementation, namely on May 5 2024. This time is given for site owners to make changes.

Artifical Intelligence

AI Beats 151 People in Creativity Test, Beginning of Terminator-style ‘Doomsday’?

Morrissey Technology – New research reveals GPT-4, the latest AI model from OpenAI, outperformed 151 people on three tests designed to measure divergent thinking, which is considered an indicator of creative thinking. Divergent thinking, which is a thinking process to produce creative ideas, is characterized by the ability to produce a unique solution to a question that does not have one expected solution.

For example, “What’s the best way to avoid talking about politics with your parents?”

In the University of Arkansas study, GPT-4 was proven to provide more original and complex answers than human participants. The study, titled ‘Current state of Artifical Inteligence generative language models more creative than humans in divergent thinking tasks,’ was published in Scientific Reports. The three tests used were, first, the Alternative Use Task, which asked participants to find creative uses for everyday objects such as rope or forks.

Second, the Consequences Task, which asks participants to imagine the possible outcomes of a hypothetical situation, such as “what if humans no longer needed sleep?”.

Third, the Divergent Associations Task, which asks participants to produce 10 nouns whose semantic distance is as far as possible.

For example, words with little semantic distance, such as between ‘dog’ and ‘cat’, as well as words with a wide semantic distance such as ‘cat’ and ‘ontology’. Answers were evaluated based on the number of responses, length of responses, and semantic differences between words. As a result, the authors found that OpenAI language models are more complex than people.

“Overall, GPT-4 was more original and complex than humans in every different thinking task, even when controlling for response fluency,” according to the study authors, quoted by ScienceDaily.

“In other words, GPT-4 showed higher creative potential across a sequence of divergent thinking tasks,” the researchers concluded.

However, these findings come with some caveats. First, this study aims to measure creative potential, not efforts to create.

“It is important to note that the measures used in this study are all measures of creative potential, but engagement in creative activities or accomplishments is another aspect of measuring a person’s creativity.”

Kent F. Hubert and Kim N. Awa, Ph.D psychology students involved in this research, also said that AI still depends on humans, does not determine itself.

“AI, unlike humans, has no agency,” the authors say, “relying on the help of human users. Therefore, AI’s creative potential remains in a stagnant state unless called upon.”

In other words, so far there will be no Terminator-style ‘doomsday’ triggered by the creativity of Skynet FOR4D computers to launch nuclear missiles throughout the world. The research also did not evaluate the conformity of GPT-4’s responses to reality. So, while AI may provide more responses and more original responses, human participants may feel limited by their responses having to be based on the real world. Awa also acknowledged that human motivation to write complex answers may not be high. On top of that, there’s the additional question of “how do you operationalize creativity? Can we say that using this test for humans can be generalized to different people? Does it assess a wide range of creative thinking?”

“So I think this makes us have to critically examine what measures of divergent thinking are most popular.”

The authors also say that they must study further whether AI can replace human creativity. For now, the researchers see “the future possibility of AI to act as a tool of inspiration, as an aid in a person’s creative process, or to overcome order as promising.”

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Apple Vision Pro

Danger to Eyes, Users Complain About Comfort Using Apple Vision Pro

Morrissey Technology – A number of Vision Pro consumers chose to return (refund) this new device from Apple because they admitted that they were uncomfortable when using the Virtual Reality (VR) device. Apple Vision Pro received the world’s spotlight after it was officially released in the United States (US) in early February 2024 with a price tag of US$3,499 or the equivalent of Rp. 55 million. Its appearance received high enthusiasm from lovers of Apple products.

However, that enthusiasm did not last long. Only two weeks after its release, users decided to return the product. Some users have complained about discomfort when using the Apple Vision Pro. They felt dizzy, nauseous and strained in the eyes shortly after using Vision Pro.

“While it was as amazing to wear as I had hoped, it was too uncomfortable to wear, even for short periods, due to its weight and the design of the strap. “I want to use it, but I’m afraid to wear it,” said one Vision Pro user, Parker Ortolani, quoting The Verge.

According to Arvind Saini, spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, what Vision Pro users conveyed was apparently just a general complaint from users. He emphasized that there was nothing to worry about regarding this matter.

“Despite what many people believe, sitting too close to the TV does not damage the eyes. “Glass screens can damage the eyes, which is another myth,” he said.

Red eyes and irritation occur because users usually blink less when using the device. Eye strain can also be caused by something called vergence-accommodation conflict (a case when the brain sends signals when there is a mismatch between reality and the object being viewed). Meanwhile, regarding the symptoms of dizziness and nausea, according to Arvind, this occurs because the user sees moving images, so signals are sent to the brain to create a moving atmosphere, even though the user is still.

“While these symptoms can sometimes feel uncomfortable, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that any digital screen, including devices such as VR devices, is harmful to eye health,” he explained.

Even though it has not been scientifically proven regarding the negative impacts of using AR and VR, users are still required to use this technology in moderation. On its help page, Apple recommends Vision Pro users use the device sparingly and take breaks every 20-30 minutes.

Windows 11 Update

Microsoft Announces the Latest Features of Windows 11, Here’s a List of Feature Updates

Morrissey TechnologyMicrosoft has released new Windows 11 feature additions that will come in the next update. This will apply to all users running Windows 11 versions 23H2 and 23 H2 and is available to download from February 29 for those who want a manual update.

The dropped features focus on improving the operating system’s (OS) overall quality of life, including updates to Snap Layouts, Copilot, Widgets, and more. Reported by Windows Central, what has received the most attention in this release is the AI-powered Snap Layout feature, which uses machine learning to identify the applications you use most often and automatically suggests Snap Layouts based on the applications you open. This interface will appear whenever you hover over the maximize button in an app.

Microsoft also made changes to the Widgets Board, which now allows users to directly turn off the news feed for those who don’t want to see MSN news appear there. This change means the Widgets Board can now be used as an actual widget panel, free from clickbait titles. Other features that make a difference in the quality of your Windows 11 experience include the ability to directly write digitally into text fields throughout the OS, which should make using Windows with a pen even easier. A number of AI features are also present in the app, including generative erasing in the Photos app and the ability to automatically remove audio gaps in video files using Clipchamp.

Microsoft revealed several improvements to the launch of Windows Copilot with the announcement of this feature. These improvements include more plugins that enable additional capabilities, such as making dinner reservations with friends using OpenTable or managing your shopping with Instacart. During March, Microsoft will also enable new skills in Copilot to tie the assistant more closely to Windows. The following skills will be added to Windows Copilot this month :

  • Turn on/off battery saver
  • Show device information
  • Show system information
  • Show battery information
  • Go to the storage page
  • Launch Auto Caption
  • Launch Narrator
  • Launch Screen Magnifier
  • Go to the Voice Access page
  • Open the text size page
  • Go to the contrast theme page
  • Launch Voice input
  • Show available Wi-Fi networks
  • Show IP address
  • Show available storage space
  • Emptying the Recycle Bin

Adjustment with DMA

Microsoft has also taken steps to modify Windows 11 to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in countries that fall within the European Economic Area. These changes are included in future updates, and may not yet be enabled for all users.

Here are the changes coming to Windows 11 to comply with DMA :

  • Ability to uninstall Bing from Windows Search
  • Ability to replace Bing in Windows Search with a third-party search provider
  • Ability to uninstall Microsoft Edge
  • Ability to disable or replace the news feed in the Widget with a third party provider

Insiders in the Release Preview channel have been testing today’s feature drop for several weeks and have reported that they see this change in their build. So, if you don’t see it right away, you’ll likely see it start to appear in the next week or two. This update can be downloaded starting February 29 by going to Windows Update and making sure the “Get the latest updates as soon as they are available” button is enabled. Then, press check for updates; You will see the update ready to download. If you don’t see an update right away, it’s because Microsoft is providing updates in stages, so you may need to keep checking back. Microsoft estimates the feature update will be widely available in a Patch update in April 2024.


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