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Ron Wayne

The Forgotten Figure of Apple’s Founder Who Failed to Get Rich

Morrissey TechnologyApple’s founders are not only Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. One name that may not be well known is Ron Wayne, who together with the two figures above jointly initiated the founding of Apple. Yes, in 1976, Wayne joined Jobs and Wozniak in founding Apple, which at that time was still a small company. However, two weeks later, Wayne sold his 10% share ownership which was then worth USD 1,500 and returned to focusing on his old job at the Atari company.

Wayne apparently felt he couldn’t bear developing the company from scratch. Apart from that, Wayne felt too old and was a bit traumatized because he had failed in business. He was indeed about 20 years older than Jobs and Wozniak.

Wayne, who is currently 88 years old, admits that he has no regrets, even though if he had survived and continued to hold shares in Apple, he would have been one of the richest people in the world. Currently, Apple’s market capitalization is around USD 3 trillion. So if not sold FOR4D, Wayne’s shares are worth USD 300 billion.

It was Jobs who invited Wayne to co-found Apple and offered him 10% of the shares at that time. Wayne, who was mature, was seen as being able to mediate in the event of an argument between Jobs and the young and ambitious Wozniak.

“He has a more mature mentality and has a strong formula for how the company runs,” said Wozniak about Ron Wayne.

“I’m very, very excited to be a part of something that really has huge expectations and something that I think is going to be really successful,” Wayne said of his participation at Apple.

“Do I regret selling my shares in Apple? No, that’s been my answer from day one and it will remain my answer until the day I die,” he said.

After selling his shares, Wayne remained an advisor to Apple. He helped design the Apple logo FOR4D at that time. It’s no wonder that Wayne was so lost when Jobs died.

“With so much potential ahead of him and his immense creativity, we can only imagine what might have come out of his mind if he had lived 20 years longer,” concluded Ron Wayne.

Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence’s Move to Protect Privacy Even though ChatGPT is Integrated

Morrissey Technology – Apple continues to strengthen its commitment to user privacy at the WWDC 2024 event. A series of new privacy and security features will be presented in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia and Apple Intelligence updates. There are four principles that Apple adheres to in maintaining user privacy. First, they minimize the data that can be accessed by Apple itself and other parties using technology and other innovative techniques.

Both Apple attempts to minimize data collection by processing as much data as possible on users’ devices rather than sending it to servers. Third, transparency and control, help users better understand the data collected so they can make their own choices about how that data is used. And finally security protection. These four aspects are a reference in maintaining privacy in Apple Intelligence. Because this technology giant from Cupertino believes that strong AI goes hand in hand with strong privacy too. For this reason, Apple finally made its own silicon chips. So it can deeply integrate personal artificial intelligence systems on iPhone, iPad and Mac, as well as their applications FOR4D.

This personal intelligence system provides a human model as well as enormous language capabilities that are specific to any task and can adapt quickly to the user’s current activities, including semantic indexes that can organize and surface information. That means when a user makes a request, Apple Intelligence will identify relevant personal data and feed it to a generator model that has the necessary personal contacts to best help the user.

Even though most of this is processed on the device, there are times when you need a larger model than can fit on an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Then a server could be the solution. It’s just that traditional servers can store usage data unknowingly and use it without the owner knowing. That’s why Apple created Private Cloud Compute. With this solution, Apple can flexibly increase computing capacity and create larger server-based models for more complex requests while still protecting user privacy FOR4D.

This starts with Secure Enclave, which protects critical encryption keys on the server just like on the user’s iPhone, while Secure Boot ensures the OS running on the server is signed and verified, just like on iOS. Trusted Execution Monitor ensures only signed and verified code runs, and authentication allows user devices to securely verify the identity and configuration of a Private Cloud Compute cluster before sending requests.

So when a user makes a request, Apple Intelligence analyzes whether it can be processed on the device or processes it on Apple Silicon servers by sending only data that is relevant to the task. That means no one can access it including Apple, even while the data is being processed. Data is not stored by Private Cloud Compute after it is returned to the user. Apple guarantees that the data submitted is used exclusively for the user’s request and does not exercise it or do anything else. To guarantee that, independent experts can check the code running on the server to verify.

Regarding integration with ChatGPT with Siri, this function must be enabled by the user as it is not available by default. After that, as soon as the user makes a request, Siri writes down which tools can be used to fulfill the request, one of which is ChatGPT FOR4D. However, users must agree first for data to be sent to ChatGPT. Apple guarantees that the only thing that goes into ChatGPT is what the user requests. For example, requesting a document summary, only the sent PDF file is accessed by ChatGPT.

It doesn’t stop there, from a technical perspective, when sending data, Apple disguises the user’s IP address. Apart from that, each user’s IP sending is made different so that ChatGPT does not recognize the usage. In the contract, Apple and OpenAI legally do not allow ChatGPT to store data or train it at all. Users who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus can connect their accounts to this integration. However, data sent to OpenAI becomes part of the integration which is fully governed by OpenAI’s privacy policy.

AI Image Contest Tricked by Real Photos Snapped by Photographers

AI Image Contest Tricked by Real Photos Snapped by Photographers

Morrissey Technology – Usually internet users are confused when they see images that they think are real photos but are actually made by AI. But what happened to photographer Miles Astray was the opposite, because the photo he took was thought to be made by AI by a photography contest. Astray submitted his photo entitled ‘F L A M I ​​N G O N E’ to participate in the 1839 Color Photography FOR4D Awards photo contest. The photo was submitted in the AI ​​category, the only non-camera category in the contest.

For the non-AI category, the contest organizer will ask for proof that the photo was not created by AI as well as proof of ownership of the original file. But for the AI ​​category, the photo contest organizers do not ask for proof that the images submitted are created by AI.

Because of this, Astray can register the photos it takes in the AI ​​category. The photo was not only named third place in the AI ​​category but also won the People’s Choice Award for the AI ​​category.

At first glance, the photo registered by Astray looks like the result of an AI hallucination. The photo shows a flamingo standing on the beach but its head is not visible at all. Astray said he took the photo in Aruba at 5.00 am. He submitted the photo to the AI ​​category to prove that nature can be more surprising than machines.

“I want to show that nature can still beat machines and that there are still benefits from real work created by creative workers,” Astray told PetaPixel FOR4D.

“After seeing AI-generated images beat real photos in competitions, I started thinking about changing the story and its impact by submitting real photos to AI competitions,” he continued.

Astray immediately informed the contest organizers that the photos he submitted were not created by AI. The organizers immediately disqualified the photo because it did not meet the criteria, but they appreciated the message of Astray’s action.

“We understand the intent, but we don’t want to prevent other artists from winning in the AI ​​category. We hope this will bring awareness (and hope) to other photographers who are worried about AI,” said a spokesperson for the contest organizers.

OpenAI Chatgpt Apple

Apple Didn’t Pay OpenAI to Put ChatGPT in Siri

Morrissey Technology – At WWDC 2024 yesterday, Apple announced a collaboration with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT in Siri. Apparently there is no contract worth millions of dollars behind this collaboration. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple did not pay OpenAI to embed ChatGPT in Siri, and vice versa. Apple believes the exposure OpenAI receives by placing its technology on hundreds of millions of devices will be far greater than paying in cash.

Apple will use OpenAI’s GPT-4o model to power AI features in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and MacOS Sequoia. Thanks to this integration, voice assistant Siri can become smarter at understanding more complex user questions, such as creating menu ideas, summarizing articles, or finding photos based on descriptions.

ChatGPT on Apple devices can also be used to write stories, as well as rewrite and proofread existing text. These features can be accessed for free without having to log in to ChatGPT, but there are several additional benefits if users subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. So, here OpenAI can earn money if Apple users subscribe to ChatGPT Plus at a cost of USD 20 per month. If users sign up for ChatGPT Plus on Apple devices, the iPhone maker will also receive a commission.

In the future, Apple hopes to receive more revenue from AI through profit sharing agreements with other companies. Apple plans to take a portion of the revenue its partners receive from monetizing the output generated by chatbots in its ecosystem. Apple FOR4D believes the number of users switching to AI from search engines will increase. This means they could get less revenue from their billion-dollar contract with Google.

Apart from OpenAI, Apple is also in discussions with Google to embed Gemini in iOS this year. The company created by Steve Jobs also approached the AI ​​company Antrophic to provide chatbot Claude as another option. A Bloomberg report claims Apple is considering collaboration with Baidu and Alibaba to master chatbot features in China, where ChatGPT and other Western-made chatbots are not officially available.


MediaTek Prepares Arm Chips for Windows Laptops

Morrissey TechnologyMediaTek is said to be developing an Arm chip for Windows-based laptops, which appears to be prepared to compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X chip. According to Reuters, this information came from a source familiar with this matter, but who was not named.

The Windows operating system referred to here is the Copilot+ PC device which was just showcased by Microsoft in May 2024. This is a laptop equipped with a chip with advanced AI processing capabilities, and Microsoft claims will be the laptop for the future. Both Microsoft and MediaTek declined to comment on MediaTek’s new chip.

However, according to sources, the MediaTek chip will only be launched in 2025, namely after Qualcomm’s exclusive agreement to supply the laptop chip ends. The chips will use Arm’s “off-the-shelf” designs to make them easier to manufacture.

In fact, MediaTek also has a Kompanio chip for Chromebooks. This chip could be used as a basis for designing the Windows chip. It is not yet known whether Microsoft has given the green light for this chip from MediaTek for Copilot+ PC.

For information, in 2016 Microsoft collaborated with Qualcomm FOR4D to work together on a Windows operating system but running on Arm architecture, which is usually used in cellphones and tablets – which have a smaller battery capacity than laptops.

From there, Microsoft then gave exclusive rights to Qualcomm to make chips for Arm-based Windows until 2024. The agreement will end this year, and that’s why other companies have started making Arm chips that are compatible with Arm versions of Windows.

Apart from MediaTek, there are also Nvidia and AMD which are working on Arm chips for Windows laptops. Interestingly, Nvidia worked on this chip with the help of MediaTek. However, this latest MediaTek chip is reportedly separate from their collaboration with Nvidia.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI During University Entrance Exams, Turkish Students Arrested

Morrissey Technology – A student in Turkey was arrested after being caught trying to cheat on a university entrance exam using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This incident occurred during the Basic Ability Test (TYT) on June 8 2024, which shows how many people are willing to do various things to get university entrance tickets.

Students identified as MEE. This man had carefully planned the fraud attempt, he was known to have embedded a camera in the button of his shirt and hidden the electronic device in the lining of his shoe. MEE also managed to get past police surveillance at the entrance to the exam room, and then took the device in the restroom.

While in the exam room, MEE started taking photos of the exam questions and sent them to his friend with the initials AB. AB uses the ChatGPT platform to provide answers, which are then relayed back to the MEE headset via the router FOR4D.

Despite the elaborate scheme, the police became suspicious of MEE’s suspicious behavior and intervened. They confiscated a router disguised as a credit card, three cameras disguised as buttons, and MEE’s personal phone. Both MEE and AB were detained, and MEE faces charges that could result in prison time.

“ChatGPT not only detects written questions but also any image and if it is a question, then it can be used in any process such as solving the question. In this case, all the necessary technological mechanisms have been prepared for the system to work properly,” said IT expert Osman Demircan FOR4D.

Demircan further emphasized the dual potential of artificial intelligence and stated that artificial intelligence systems can be used for evil acts as well as for good. Extra steps should be taken to prevent this and similar cheating attempts on future exams.

Police are considering increased use of metal detectors and more thorough candidate searches to prevent such incidents.

Demircan suggested that law enforcement also monitor individuals using computers or phones near test centers and be alert to vehicles parked nearby, as they could be involved in cheating attempts.

Synology ActiveProtect

Synology ActiveProtect Offers Efficient Business Data Protection

Morrissey TechnologySynology released its newest device called ActiveProtect, which is designed to combine centralized management with a highly scalable architecture.

“The launch of ActiveProtect reflects Synology’s continued commitment to providing users with tools to manage their most valuable asset, namely data,” said Philip Wong, CEO of Synology FOR4D.

ActiveProtect centralizes data protection policies, operations, and tools across an organization to provide unified management and control. The coverage is complete, from endpoints, servers, hypervisors, storage systems, databases, to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services FOR4D.

“With ActiveProtect, Synology aims to solve this challenge,” he continued.

“ActiveProtect is the culmination of Synology’s extensive research, development and experience in working with our customers. We are confident we can deliver a solution that exceeds modern business expectations,” said Jia-Yu Liu, Vice President of Synology FOR4D.

Synology claims ActiveProtect can be implemented quickly, in just minutes, and can create a comprehensive data protection plan through global policies using a centralized console. Implementing immutability and air gapping policies for recovery procedures, ActiveProtect is designed to be intuitive, thereby significantly reducing operational burden.

Each ActiveProtect device can operate in standalone or managed mode in a cluster system. Storage capacity can be increased with Synology NAS/SAN storage solutions, C2 Object Storage FOR4D, and other ActiveProtect devices in the cluster.

Additionally, existing Synology Active Backup for Business deployments can also be managed from a unified interface, providing high deployment flexibility.

Synology claims ActiveProtect FOR4D significantly reduces operational costs by providing up to 7 times faster backup speeds and a typical deduplication ratio of more than 2:1. This device will be available in Indonesia at the end of 2024.

Xcode 16

Xcode 16 Di Lengkapi Dengan AI Buat Coding Aplikasi Lebih Mudah

Morrissey Technology – Meski tidak masuk dalam pengumuman utama, Apple memperkenalkan sejumlah alat dan sumber daya baru untuk pengembang di hari pertama WWDC 2024. Ini termasuk penyempurnaan Xcode 16, Swift dan API baru yang dapat digunakan pengembang untuk membangun aplikasi.

“Apple berkomitmen untuk menyediakan teknologi dan sumber daya mutakhir bagi para pengembang di mana pun untuk membangun aplikasi yang luar biasa,” kata Susan Prescott, Vice President, Worldwide Developer Relations Apple.

“Dengan inovasi yang cermat di balik Xcode 16 dan API platform terbaru, kami telah menciptakan alat terbaik bagi para pengembang untuk membuat aplikasi yang luar biasa. Kami tidak sabar untuk melihat apa yang akan mereka ciptakan selanjutnya.”

Xcode 16

Xcode 16 menawarkan fitur dan peningkatan performa yang memberdayakan pengembang untuk membangun aplikasi lebih cepat dibandingkan sebelumnya. Apple menyematkan Swift Assist dan penyelesaian kode prediktif. Mesin penyelesaian kode prediktif baru di Xcode menggunakan model unik yang dilatih khusus untuk Swift dan Apple SDK, yang dapat menyarankan pengembang kode yang dibutuhkan. Pelengkapan kode didukung sepenuhnya oleh Apple Silicon dan peningkatan pembelajaran mesin di macOS Sequoia, dan berjalan secara lokal di perangkat pengembang

Swift Assist terintegrasi dengan mulus ke dalam Xcode Scatter Hitam , dan mengetahui kit pengembangan perangkat lunak (SDK) terbaru dan fitur bahasa Swift, sehingga pengembang akan selalu mendapatkan fitur kode terbaru yang menyatu sempurna dengan proyek mereka. Swift Assist menggunakan model canggih yang berjalan di cloud, tetapi dibuat dengan mempertimbangkan privasi dan keamanan. Kode pengembang hanya digunakan untuk memproses permintaan dan tidak pernah disimpan di server, dan Apple tidak akan menggunakannya untuk melatih model pembelajaran mesin. Pratinjau Xcode kini menawarkan arsitektur penautan dinamis baru yang menggunakan artefak build yang sama untuk pratinjau dan eksekusi kode. Pengembang sekarang juga dapat melokalkan dan menguji kebijakan privasi, perjanjian lisensi, dan nama tampilan grup langganan aplikasi mereka.

Swift 6

WWDC24 menandai ulang tahun ke-10 Swift. Saat ini, hampir 1 juta aplikasi menggunakan Swift, dan digunakan di seluruh tumpukan perangkat lunak Apple. Swift 6 memperkenalkan fitur keselamatan data-race pada saat kompilasi, yang mampu mendiagnosis akses serentak ke memori di seluruh proyek pengembang saat kode sedang dikompilasi. Hal ini memungkinkan kesalahan terdeteksi dan diperbaiki dengan perubahan minimal pada seluruh basis kode, meningkatkan keamanan dan pemeliharaan kode untuk masa mendatang.

Melanjutkan ekspansinya, sebuah organisasi GitHub baru yang didedikasikan untuk Swift akan menjadi tuan rumah sejumlah proyek penting untuk ekosistem Swift – termasuk kompilator Swift, Foundation, dan pustaka utama lainnya. Kerangka kerja Swift Testing lintas platform yang baru menawarkan API ekspresif kepada pengembang yang memudahkan penulisan pengujian. Kerangka ini bersifat lintas platform dan mudah dipelajari, sehingga pengembang dapat menggunakannya untuk menulis pengujian untuk berbagai platform dan domain.

Kerangka kerja ini juga mencakup sistem penandaan yang fleksibel untuk membantu pengembang mengatur pengujian dan rencana pengujian mereka. Pengujian Swift dirancang untuk banyak kasus penggunaan Swift, mulai dari aplikasi hingga server.

Game Porting 2

Game Porting Toolkit 2 mempermudah pengembang menghadirkan game ke ke Mac, serta iPhone dan iPad. Selain itu dengan peningkatan kompatibilitas dengan game Windows, alat debug shader baru yang canggih, dan pembaruan pada Xcode yang memungkinkan pengembang menyatukan kode game dan shader mereka di berbagai perangkat, alhasil membuat game di perangkat Apple menjadi semakin mudah.

Pengumuman di WWDC 2024 juga mencakup API baru, peningkatan TestFlight untuk keterlibatan penguji yang lebih baik, dan fitur baru untuk App Store yang membantu penemuan dan monetisasi aplikasi. App Store Connect telah diperbarui dengan antarmuka baru dan pembuatan aset pemasaran untuk pengembang. VisionOS 2 menawarkan API baru untuk menciptakan pengalaman spasial, termasuk API volumetrik dan TabletopKit untuk menghubungkan aplikasi ke permukaan datar. RealityKittelah diperbarui untuk mengurangi waktu pengembangan untuk aplikasi Universal.

Google Search Algorithm

Thousands of Google Search Algorithm Data Leaked, SEO Secrets Revealed

Morrissey Technology – Thousands of documents about Google Search algorithm leaked. This leak dismantles Google’s search engine algorithm and search engine optimization (SEO) in detail. The documents in question detail data collected by Google, some of which may be used in Google’s closely guarded SEO algorithms. The existence of the leaked document was first brought to light by SEO specialists Rand Fishkin and Mike King, who each published initial analyzes of the document.

The leaked documents reveal that Google collects and potentially uses data that Google representatives say does not contribute to ranking web pages in Google Search, such as clicks, Chrome user data, and more. The document holds a lot of information for Google employees, but it’s not clear which data is used to rank search content. This information may be out of date, for training purposes only, or not specifically used for Search FOR4D.

The document also does not explain how various elements are weighted in the search. However, this information being revealed to the public will likely cause upheaval in the SEO, marketing, and publishing industries. Google is usually very secretive about how its search algorithms work, but these documents have provided further clarity on what signals Google is thinking about when ranking websites.

Google’s search choices greatly influence many online businesses. Many people try to understand or outsmart Google’s algorithm, although they often get different answers. Google’s internal documents now provide some insight into how the company thinks.

In the document, there are more than 14,000 attributes mentioned, which would require researchers to spend weeks examining each page. The leaked data also exposed the practices of ‘Twiddlers,’ namely changes in rankings that do not go through major system updates, which affect the ranking of content based on certain criteria FOR4D.

The content of the document also touches on important elements on the web page, such as the identity of the author and the level of ‘authority’ of the website. Google has confirmed this data leak and issued an official statement. However, they also asked people not to speculate carelessly about the leaked data.

“We caution against making inaccurate assumptions about Search based on out-of-context, outdated, or incomplete information,” Google spokesperson Davis Thompson told The Verge.

“We have shared comprehensive information about how search works and the types of factors our system considers, as well as working to protect the integrity of search results from manipulation,” he concluded.


Paris Hilton and Sony’s TikTok Accounts Were Attacked by Hackers

Morrissey Technology – A number of large social media accounts on TikTok were hacked, from the accounts of celebrity Paris Hilton, to technology company Sony and media companies. Based on a report from Forbes, even though the hacked account has not posted anything, what is of concern is the method of the hack.

This is because hackers sent malware in file form via the direct message (DM) feature in the TikTok application. From this malware, victims do not have to click on links or download any files. However, every account that has opened the DM feature is guaranteed to be immediately infected with the malware.

“Our security team is aware of a potential exploit targeting a number of brand and celebrity accounts. We have taken steps to stop this attack and prevent it from occurring in the future. We are working directly with affected account owners to restore access, if necessary, ” said a TikTok spokesperson FOR4D.

The news media, which was one of the victims of hackers, was forced to temporarily delete its TikTok account. It was reported by the Semafor news media that this hack occurred due to a team error that was careless about operational security.

However, the hacking of a number of other large accounts shows that this is not CNN’s fault. A TikTok spokesperson said that they are collaborating with CNN to restore hacked accounts.

“Our security team was recently alerted to a malicious actor targeting CNN’s TikTok account FOR4D. We have collaborated closely with CNN to restore account access and implement enhanced security measures, to protect their account,” a TikTok spokesperson said.

“We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the platform (TikTok) and will continue to monitor for further inauthentic activity,” he continued.


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