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Two Chinese Citizens Arrested for Fraudulent Crypto Investments

Two Chinese Citizens Arrested for Fraudulent Crypto Investments

Morrissey Technology – The United States government arrested two Chinese citizens for committing crypto fraud, which stole at least USD 73 million or around IDR 1.1 trillion from its victims. These two people are Yicheng Zhang, a Chinese citizen who lives in Temple City, California, who was arrested in Los Angeles on Thursday (16/5), and Daren Li, who holds Chinese and St Kitts and Nevis citizenship, who was arrested at Atlanta airport on last April.

These two people are accused of carrying out a crypto investment fraud known as the pig butchering scheme, which is thought to have become a global “industry” worth billions of dollars. For your information, pig butchering is a mode of fraud using social engineering techniques. The perpetrator will persuade the victim to invest in a fake crypto platform, and when the investment is large enough, all the invested assets are then taken.

So, what Zhang and Li did was open a bank account in the US using the name of a shell company. The victim was persuaded to save the money in the account. Then the funds were transferred to a number of countries and also exchanged in the form of cryptocurrency FOR4D, which was then laundered by being sent to a bank account in the Bahamas.

“Even though fraud in the crypto market takes various forms and hides in faraway places, the perpetrators remain within reach of law enforcement,” said US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco.

Zhang and Li were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and six counts of international money laundering. If found guilty, they face a maximum sentence of 20 years for each count convicted.


What is the Difference between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 in ChatGPT

Morrissey TechnologyChatGPT is one of the most popular artificial intelligence (AI) in the world. To support its users, ChatGPT has released its newest AI language, namely GPT-4, in March 2023. Previously, ChatGPT used an AI language called GPT-3.5 which can be accessed for free. However, detikers who want to use GPT-4 must subscribe first. So, what is the difference between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4? Is it true that the newest AI language from ChatGPT is more feature-rich and powerful? Check out the explanation in this article.

Differences between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4

Even though both are language model programs in conversation or dialogue format, it turns out there are differences between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. Quoting the Coursera page, here are a number of differences:

1. Can use images

In GPT-3.5, users must write prompts using text to generate AI output from ChatGPT. Meanwhile, in the GPT-4 version, you can use text and images. So, you can enter commands in the form of text and images. After that, GPT-4 will provide an explanation or answer to the text or image you sent as a prompt FOR4D. For example, you include a picture of the inside of the refrigerator and its contents. Later, AI will suggest what food or drink recipes can be made with the ingredients in the image.

2. Produce safer and more accurate answers

OpenAI claims that GPT-4 is more secure in generating answers written to prompts than the GPT-3.5 version.

“82 percent less likely to respond to requests for unauthorized content and 40 percent more likely to produce factual responses compared to GPT-3.5 in our internal evaluation,” wrote OpenAI on its official website.

The features contained in GPT-4 are certainly good news. Because, in several cases there is often misinformation, inaccuracy and bias in the answers produced.

3. Have a bigger memory

GPT-4 is claimed to be able to remember more conversations with its users than GPT-3.5. Previously, GPT-3.5 had limitations in conveying information that was only available before 2021 and had a limited short-term memory, namely around 8,000 words. For comparison, GPT-4 is claimed to have eight times more memory than the GPT-3.5 version, which can store 64,000 words. Then, GPT-4 also has a longer context window or amount of text that can be processed simultaneously. In fact, the GPT-4 Turbo version can process up to 128,000 words. This feature can help users perform various tasks, such as including a website link in the prompt and asking ChatGPT to consider the source.

4. Wider General Knowledge

The general knowledge base in GPT-4 is said to be better than GPT-3.5. It allows users to generate, edit, and repeat various tasks such as composing songs, writing screenplays, or learning the user’s writing style. In addition, GPT-4 has used the latest data up to April-December 2023, so it can provide better and more appropriate answers. However, it all depends on the model version too.

5. Price

The final difference is in terms of price. Currently, GPT-3.5 is available in a free version and can be accessed by anyone. Even so, the features feel incomplete and not up to date. Meanwhile, GPT-4 can be accessed by subscribing every month. If detikers are interested, you have to spend US$ 20 or around Rp. 320 thousand per month. ChatGPT FOR4D also provides a ‘Team’ plan targeted at workers or students who need more features. Each person will be charged US$ 25 or the equivalent of Rp. 400 thousand per month.


AI Disrupts Microsoft’s Climate Change Plans

Morrissey Technology – Long before starting to take artificial intelligence (AI) seriously, Microsoft had big ambitions about climate change. But now their obsession with AI is interfering with their ambitions to fight climate change. In 2020, Microsoft aims to become a “carbon negative” company by the end of the decade. To make that plan a reality, they want to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half, and want to clean up more carbon dioxide emissions than they produce.

Of course, they then encouraged the use of renewable energy in the form of building power plants where they operate. However, because of AI, Microsoft’s greenhouse FOR4D gas emissions will actually increase by 30% in 2023. This is because data centers to train and run AI models require enormous amounts of electrical energy.

Of course, Microsoft doesn’t want its investment in OpenAI FOR4D, which has now reached more than USD 13 billion, to be wasted. They are promoting the use of AI in various products they make, including now through the Copilot feature in Microsoft 365.

“In 2020, we unveiled what we call the carbon moonshot. That was before the explosion of artificial intelligence. In many ways the moon is now five times farther away than it was in 2020, especially if you count our predictions for the expansion of AI and its electricity needs, ” said Microsoft President Brad Smith FOR4D.

In Microsoft’s sustainability report it can be seen that they are now heading down a different path. They produced 15.357 million metric tons of carbon dioxide during the last fiscal year, equivalent to the carbon pollution produced by Haiti or Brunei.

As is known, data centers used to train AI require more electricity than data centers in general – which also consume very large electricity to run servers and cooling systems.

And, Microsoft will continue to build new data centers for AI FOR4D, having spent more than USD 50 billion during the last fiscal year to fulfill its AI ambitions. This figure is expected to increase in the current fiscal year.

Deepfake Technology

British Company Gets Scammed, Transfers US$25.6 million Because of a Deepfake

Morrissey Technology – The British multinational design and engineering company, Arup, admitted that it was the target of a deepfake fraud which resulted in one of its staff in Hong Kong having to pay US$25 million (around Rp. 400 billion) to the perpetrators. A London-based Arup spokesman said they had informed Hong Kong police in January about the fraud. According to the spokesperson, the fraud was carried out using fake voices and images resulting from deepfake technology.

“Unfortunately, we cannot elaborate further at this stage as the incident is still under investigation. However, we can confirm that fake sounds and images were used,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“Our financial stability and business operations were not affected and none of our internal systems were compromised,” the person added.

Hong Kong police in February said an Arup finance staffer was tricked into attending a video call with people he believed to be the chief financial officer and other staff members. However, they are all fake. According to police, the staff initially suspected he had received a phishing email from the company’s UK office FOR4D because the email explained the need to carry out confidential transactions. However, the worker put aside his doubts after making the video call because the other people present looked and sounded like colleagues he knew.

He then agreed to send a total of 200 million Hong Kong dollars or around US$25.6 million. Police said the funds were sent in 15 transactions. As the world’s leading engineering consulting company, Arup cannot be separated from being targeted by cybercriminals. They have often suffered cyber attacks in recent years.

“Like many other businesses around the world, our operations are subject to regular attacks, including invoice fraud, phishing scams, WhatsApp voice spoofing and deepfakes,” said Rob Greig, Arup’s global chief information officer, in a statement.

“What we have seen is that the number and sophistication FOR4D of these attacks has increased sharply in recent months,” he continued.

Authorities around the world are increasingly concerned about the sophistication of deepfake technology and the malicious uses it can employ. In an internal memo, Arup’s East Asia regional lead, Michael Kwok, said that “the frequency and sophistication of these attacks is increasing rapidly globally, and we all have an obligation to stay informed and vigilant about how to recognize the various techniques used by fraudsters. ”

Deepfake technology with artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to be widely used to produce completely new videos or audio, with the ultimate goal of depicting something that did not actually happen in reality. The term “deepfake” comes from the underlying technology – deep learning algorithms – which teach themselves to solve problems with large data sets and can be used to create fake content of real people.

“Deepfakes are recordings generated by computers that have been trained on countless images,” said Cristina López, a senior analyst at Graphika, a company that researches the flow of information in digital networks, citing Business Insider.

Meanwhile, according to Britannica, the term deepfake combines the words deep, which is taken from AI deep-learning technology (a type of machine learning that involves several levels of processing), and fake, which refers to fake content.

Russian Hacker

Effects of Ukraine War, Russian Hacker Attacks on Asia Decrease

Morrissey Technology – International conflicts such as the Russian-Ukrainian War have had a major impact on the cybersecurity landscape. As a result of this conflict, cyber attacks from Russia against a number of Asia Pacific countries decreased. This was revealed from the Ensign InfoSecurity report on the cyber threat landscape in 2024. This report covers six countries in the Asia Pacific, namely Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Australia.

“We saw last year from the previous Ensign report, so when Russia started the war we saw that Russian hackers in our region dropped drastically because they focused on the country at war. Criminal actors, hackers focused on attacking Ukraine,” said the Head of Consulting Ensign InfoSecurity Indonesia Adithya Nugraputra in a media briefing in Jakarta, last Wednesday (15/5/2024).

According to Adithya, this happens because cyber warfare has become an inseparable part of physical warfare. He gave an example of how Russian hackers had paralyzed electricity and energy infrastructure in Ukraine several times.

Cyber ​​wars FOR4D between two opposing countries are also predicted to occur more frequently. The reason is that this cyber attack is not only carried out by the state but also at the individual level.

“Because cyber cannot be controlled, because the people of country A may have a preference, we don’t like this country, so we can also find out from the internet, slowly coming in, now that’s called a hacktivist,” said Adithya.

“So, in fact, cyber is continuing because not only at the state level but also at the level of activist people who can do it,” he added.

However, recently the Russian hacker group has started to act again in the Asia Pacific. Ensign noted the movement of state-sponsored Russian hacker groups such as APT28, FIN7, and Turla starting to move in the countries where they operate.

Adithya explained that there were 21 threat groups targeting the six countries above. 16 of them are state-sponsored groups and the other five are organized crime groups.

Indonesia itself is the target of eight state-sponsored threat groups, namely APT33 (Iran), APT38 (North Korea), APT41 (China), Dark Pink (Vietnam), Earth Longzhi (China), GambleForce (China), Lazarus Group (North Korea ), and Turla FOR4D (Russia).

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Black Hat Hacker Cybercrime

Study Reveals Money is Hackers’ Main Motivation

Morrissey Technology – Surveys reveal that cybercrime is increasingly targeting industries in Indonesia with the motive of obtaining ransom, aka ransomware. Cyber ​​security company Ensign Infosecurity, through its 2024 Cyber ​​Threat Landscape Report, revealed the three most common motives for hacking; ransom (42 percent), access sales (38 percent), and data sales (8 percent).

“The main goal is still ransom or asking for money. What we see is still consistent in 5 regions (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Greater China Region and Australia) except in South Korea, which means hacking, ransomware, encryption, asking for ransom,” said Adithya Nugraputra, Head of Consulting, Ensign InfoSecurity Indonesia, in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/5).

The company also noted that 46 percent of all cyberattacks observed showed attackers’ interest in stealing credentials (account username and password pairs), initial access, and data.

“42 percent of all observed cyberattacks attempted to extort FOR4D organizational victims for money. This reflects the global increase in ransomware threats against enterprises,” continues the company’s official statement.

According to Appknox, hackers are basically divided into three types based on their motives. First, Black Hat Hackers. These ‘black hat hackers’ are essentially malicious hackers who infiltrate networks and systems by creating and spreading malware. They are generally motivated by material gain, although sometimes for fun. Second, White Hat Hackers. These ‘white hat hackers’ are also known as ‘ethical hackers’. They are often contracted by corporations and government agencies to check their systems for security vulnerabilities.

This type of hacker applies commonly known cybersecurity techniques such as penetration testing and thorough vulnerability assessments to ensure that the security system is strong. Third, Gray Hat Hackers. This type of hacker has the characteristics of a mixture of black and white hat hackers. However, they generally carry out hacking missions without asking permission from anyone. Most of them report discovered vulnerabilities to the relevant parties, but they also demand compensation in return. If they don’t get the credit they deserve, they could exploit that vulnerability for their own benefit.

Main target

Ensign Infosecurity also revealed the most 2023 cyberattacks targeted the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industry at 14.1 percent. Apart from that, the financial services industry (24 percent), the public sector (12 percent), the energy industry (8.3 percent), and the manufacturing industry (8 percent). The company revealed three main reasons why cybercriminals attack the TMT industry FOR4D.

1. They are integrated into digital business activities with access and connectivity to sensitive data handling.

2. Technology-based startups drive IPO activity (initial public offering of shares) and economic activity.

3. Technology investment flows into Indonesia, attracting financial profits, as well as information theft and espionage.

Aurora Computer

This is the Fastest AI Super Computer in the World, Using 21 Thousand Intel Xeons

Morrissey Technology – Intel collaborated with HPE and Argonne National Laboratory belonging to the US Department of Energy to create a super computer called Aurora, whose speed has reached Exascale calculations. To date, only two computers have reached that level. The first is Frontier — which uses an AMD processor –, which is also the fastest super computer in the world, and now there is Aurora which has penetrated Exascale.

Aurora has actually been around since 2023, and in November 2023 it was named by the Top500 as the number 2 fastest computer in the world. However, at that time the system was not fully operational, and “only” had a computing capacity of 585 petaFLOPS. Currently, Aurora is not yet fully operational, even though the number of processors and GPU accelerators in operation is already very large. Aurora uses 21,248 Intel XEON CPU FOR4D Max processors and 63,744 Intel Data Center GPU Max accelerators. In the last test, performance reached 1,012 exaflops, even though the number of active nodes was only 9,234 from 10,624.

Aurora’s performance was higher when running the HPL-MxP mixed-precision benchmark, with a score of 10.6 exaflops for AI performance, even though only 89% of the system was active. This test is different from Linpack which uses FP64 Precision, HPL-MxP uses FP32 and FP16 FOR4D, which better reflects AI processing capabilities.

While FP64 is more widely used in traditional science computing, AI computing and many other applications use lower precision. This means that Linpack is actually not the only measure of the original capabilities of a supercomputer.

Aurora has not been able to fully operate due to a number of problems in its system, including cooling problems, operational problems and network instability. However, even if it is fully operational, it seems Aurora still won’t be able to overtake Frontier’s benchmark score FOR4D. For information, Frontier has a computing capacity of 1,206 exaflops, or around 19% higher than Aurora, from 87% of operating components.

ARM Chip

ARM Wants to Make AI Chips, Will it Disrupt Nvidia’s Dominance?

Morrisseyn TechnologyARM, a processor core designer, plans to enter a new segment that will develop artificial intelligence (AI) chips. The company owned by SoftBank Group wants to launch its first AI chip product in 2025. To realize this plan, the British company will create an AI chip division which is targeted to make its first AI chip prototype in the spring of 2025.

Then, to mass produce these AI chips, ARM will collaborate with other companies in the fall of 2025. Currently, SoftBank is negotiating with TSMC and a number of other chip manufacturing companies to secure production capacity for these AI chips FOR4D.

The cost of developing this AI chip is said to be hundreds of billions of yen, one of which comes from SoftBank. However, when these chips are mass produced, the AI ​​chip business will be separated from ARM and will be directly under SoftBank FOR4D.

For your information, ARM is the manufacturer and design of processor cores whose licenses are used in almost all cellphone chips in the world. From there they get royalty income, which is then used to expand the data center business, where many companies want to make their own chips to run AI models and reduce their dependence on Nvidia.

ARM’s entry into the AI FOR4D ​​space comes at the right time, because demand for AI chips is increasing and so far it has almost doubled the value of Arm’s shares since its initial public offering last September 2023. ARM’s capitalization with this increase has now reached more than USD 100 billion.

LockBit Ransoware Gang

LockBit Ransoware Gang Leader Hunted by America

Morrissey Technology – The United States Ministry of Justice revealed legal charges against the big boss of the LockBit ransomware gang. According to them, LockBit is led by Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, a 31-year-old man from Russia. Khoroshev is credited with making LockBit the most prolific and destructive ransomware gang in the world.

Khoroshev is thought to have been involved in LockBit since the gang first appeared in September 2019. Over the years, LockBit claims to have attacked 2,500 victims in at least 120 countries. Khoroshev and his colleagues at LockBit allegedly reaped at least USD 500 million from their ransomware ransomware.

LockBit operates with a ransomware-as-a-service model, where the LockBit ransomware can be rented or purchased by other hackers to use to attack its victims. As a result, the spread of this ransomware attack was very wide, from a large hospital in England to a small town in Canada. In February, a joint law enforcement team from America and England confiscated the site and server used by LockBit. They also even got access to keys to open files of victims held hostage.

At that time they also arrested Artur Sungatov and Ivan Kondratyev, who were accused of attacking a number of victims in America using LockBit. From all this, information was found that Khoroshev allegedly received a “tax” of 20% from every ransom received from the victim. He is also the manager of LockBit’s data leak site. Khoroshev also apparently kept all the data held hostage from the victim, even though the victim had paid the ransom FOR4D. Even though they promised to delete the data after the victim made payment.

“Today’s indictment marks an important milestone in the investigation and prosecution of LockBit, which has now led to lawsuits against five individuals associated with LockBit, two of whom are awaiting trial — and a major disruption to the operations of the now-shutdown LockBit,” US said Attorney Philip R. Sellinger.

Khoroshev faces 26 charges, which carry a sentence of up to 185 years in prison. The US government is offering a reward of USD 10 million for information that can help law enforcement arrest Khoroshev.

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