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Drone AI

AI Drones Capable of Killing People Can Be Made in a Matter of Hours

Morrissey Technology – It only takes a few hours to configure a small, commercially available drone to hunt a target, a scientist warns. Luis Wenus, an entrepreneur and engineer, incorporated an artificial intelligence (AI) system into a small drone to chase people like in a game. He shared the results of this ‘fad’ activity in a post on March 2 on X/Twitter. But he soon realized that the device could easily be configured to hold an explosive charge.

Collaborating with Robert Lukoszko, another engineer, he configured the drone to use an object detection model to find people and fly toward them at full speed. Both also incorporate a facial recognition system into the drone that can work at a distance of up to 10 meters. This means that armed versions of drones can be used to attack specific people or targets.

“It only took a few hours to make, and made me realize how scary it is. You can easily tie a small amount of explosives to it and let 100 explosives fly,” wrote Wenus as quoted by Science Alert.

Wenus describes himself as an ‘open source absolutist’, meaning he believes in always sharing code and software through open source channels. He also identifies himself as ‘e/acc’ which is a school of thought among AI researchers that refers to the desire to accelerate AI research regardless of the downsides. This flow arises from the belief that the profits will always be greater than the profits. But he said that he would not publish any code related to this experiment.

“Terror attacks could be planned in the near future using this kind of technology. Although people need technical knowledge to engineer such systems, writing software will become easier as time goes by, partly because of advances in AI as an assistant in writing code,” he said.

Anti-drone System

Wenus said his experiments show that society needs to immediately build anti-drone systems for civic spaces where large numbers of people can gather. According to Robin Radar, there are several countermeasures that the community can build, including cameras, acoustic sensors and radar to detect drones.

However, to disrupt them, technology is needed such as radio frequency jammers, GPS spoofers, net guns, and high-energy lasers. Although these weapons have not yet been used in a civilian environment, such equipment has previously been conceptualized and used in the context of warfare. Ukraine, for example, has developed explosive drones in response to the Russian invasion.

The US military is also looking for ways to build and control swarms of small drones that could attack targets. The move follows efforts by the US Navy after first showing it could control 30 drones with explosives in 2017, according to MIT Technology FOR4D Review.

US Ban Tiktok

United States Bans Use of TikTok Nationwide

Morrissey Technology – The United States (US) Parliament is said to have agreed to submit a bill regarding a national ban on the social media application TikTok on all electronic devices. This bill would ban TikTok from app stores in the US market, provided that the social media platform is immediately separated from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

If passed, this bill would give ByteDance 165 days to sell TikTok. And if it is not sold within that time, then TikTok will become illegal for application store operators such as Apple and Google. This is an aggressive step towards TikTok since the company’s CEO Shou Chew explained that the TikTok application does not threaten US citizens.

“Today, we will take the first step in creating much-needed legislation to protect Americans from the threats posed by apps controlled by our adversaries, and to send a very strong message that the United States will always stand up for its values. and our freedoms,” said Washington Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

This bill has support from Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher, Illinois Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi and the White House and House Speaker Mike Johnson.

TikTok Resistance

Currently, TikTok is fighting against the draft law. TikTok is trying to drive their user base. Some TikTok users displayed a pop-up in the TikTok app warning that the bill takes away the constitutional right of 170 million Americans to free expression.

“This announcement will damage millions of businesses, destroy the livelihoods of creators across the country, and deny artists an audience,” the pop-up said.

Okewla In addition to potentially blocking app stores from providing TikTok downloads, the bill also limits traffic from TikTok content to “internet hosting services,” a broad term that covers a variety of industries including “file hosting, domain name server hosting, cloud hosting, and hosting private virtual server.”

Fear of eavesdropping

So far, the US government has not been able to show evidence that the Chinese government accessed TikTok user data in America. However, this remains a concern for America. Efforts to ban TikTok date back to the Trump administration, which used a series of orders to force app stores not to offer TikTok and forced ByteDance to spin off the company.

However, the effort was stalled due to legal challenges, although it forced TikTok to engage in negotiations with the US government about how to protect the personal data FOR4D of Americans. These talks are still ongoing, even though TikTok has moved US user data to servers located in the US and controlled by tech giant Oracle.

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Chatbot AI Grok Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Grok AI Chatbot Will Become Open Source

Morrissey Technology – Billionaire Elon Musk will make his Grok chatbot open source. This intention emerged as the feud between Musk and OpenAI heated up.

“This week, @xAI will make Grok open source,” Musk said in a post on X (Twitter).

Grok itself was launched at the end of 2023, when Musk was trying to pursue OpenAI which he helped create in 2015 with his CEO Sam Altman.

Several years after its creation, Musk then left OpenAI. However, last week he filed a lawsuit against OpenAI because he was deemed to be more concerned with the profit side of the business than its initial mission.

Many technology investors have different opinions regarding the development of AI. On the one hand, companies like Meta, support open source systems. In this system, researchers and other companies can access how the technology works to develop products.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, OpenAI and Google support a high level of confidentiality to protect technology from criminals. According to AFP, not long after filing his lawsuit, Musk said that he would drop the case if OpenAI changed its name to ClosedAI. OpenAI argued that Musk’s lawsuit was nothing more than ‘a bad case of leaving the company’.

“Seeing the extraordinary technological progress that OpenAI FOR4D has achieved, Musk now wants that success for himself,” said OpenAI.

Adobe Firefly

How to Use Adobe Firefly, so that your Artwork Looks Distinctive

Morrissey TechnologyAdobe Firefly is a web application for creating visual content using artificial intelligence. This transformation with generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very useful for creating content in high quantity and quality. Released on March 21 2023, Adobe Firefly is present as the first Next Generation AI technology in Photoshop. This artificial intelligence was created to make it easier to create visual content practically and automatically.

Quoted from the Wise It page, Adobe Firefly does not limit creativity in producing work even though it is machine-based. Apart from that, the creators’ copyright remains guaranteed, as explained by Vice President for Generative AI and Sensei at Adobe Alexandru Costin.

How to Use Adobe Firefly

To produce an image that starts with a text command in Adobe Firefly, here are the steps quoted from the Adobe page :

  • Click Adobe Firefly, then log in to the user account
  • Select the Text to Image option on the homepage to open the worksheet
  • Write the command text in detail and specifically’
  • If you have difficulty, you can click on the image provided to see the text commands given
  • When the text command is deemed to be text, click Generate and the image will immediately appear
  • If the image wants to be saved, users can click the button at the top right of each image to download it in JPEG form
  • Users can revise or correct the image using the panels on the right starting from ratio, content type, and camera angle
  • Users can also give different commands, to view the resulting image. But make sure you have saved the image with the text command beforehand

Advanced Adobe Firefly Features

Adobe Firefly is not only able to convert text to images but also audio, video, illustrations, and even 3D models. It is easy to use, because the AI ​​developed by Adobe does not ask users to write long words. By using built-in options for art styles, lighting, and aspect ratio, users can redesign AI-generated work in the same app. The features that can be used are :

1. Generative Fill

This feature allows creators to separate the main object from the original background image. Users simply upload files and tidy them up with a brush, then the work can be redesigned on a new page.

2. Text to Image

Adobe Firefly is not only able to convert text to images but also audio, video, illustrations, and even 3D models. It is easy to use, because the AI ​​developed by Adobe does not ask users to write long words.

By using built-in options for art styles, lighting, and aspect ratio, users can redesign AI work in the same app. The features that can be used are :

3. Text Effects

For detikers who like typography, this feature can produce more attractive text. Text can have texture with various fonts and styles, making it a good visual element design.

4. Generative Recolor

Most people may find it difficult to change the color tone of the design because the stage takes so long. However, Adobe Firefly makes it easy with the help of the color generator for vector images that detikers has.

5. 3D to Image

The 3D and 2D version of the drawing technique can be changed easily in Adobe Firefly FOR4D. Users can change the dimensions of the 3D space in the design to Joint Photographic Group (JPG).

6. Project Stardust

This feature allows creators not to worry about having to complete revisions. Project stardust can move elements in the design as needed.

Adobe Firefly is very suitable for creators who are always dynamic and need lots of ideas in their work. Moreover, Adobe Firefly is licensed, so it is safe for commercial and copyright purposes.

Russian Hacker Crack Microsoft

Russian Hackers Break into Microsoft’s Core Systems

Morrissey Technology – Russian hackers gained access to some of Microsoft’s core software systems in a hack last January. According to Microsoft, there are more extensive and serious anomalies in Microsoft systems that were previously unknown. The company believes hackers in recent weeks used information stolen from Microsoft’s email system.

“(Hackers accessed) multiple source code repositories and the company’s internal systems,” Microsoft told the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Source code is often coveted by companies – and the spies who try to break into it. This is because there is a secret software program that makes it work. Hackers who have access to the source code can use it for advanced attacks on other systems.

Microsoft first disclosed the hack in January, days before another major technology company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said the same hacker had broken into its cloud-based email system.

It is not yet known exactly what the purpose and extent of the hackers were to infiltrate the core system. But experts say the hacking group was responsible for collecting intelligence data and was affiliated with the Kremlin.

This hacker group is said to be the figure behind the breach of several United States agency email systems that was revealed in 2020. The hackers controlled the system for months to unclassified email accounts belonging to the Ministry of Homeland Security and Justice.

US officials linked the hacking group to Russia’s foreign intelligence service. However, the Kremlin denied involvement in the operation. In the years since the 2020 hack, Russian hackers have continued to break into widely used technology companies as part of their espionage campaigns.

In the activity described Friday, the hackers allegedly used information stolen from Microsoft “to assemble a picture of areas to attack and improve its ability to do so,” the company said in a blog post accompanying the SEC filing FOR4D.

“To date we have found no evidence that Microsoft-hosted customer-facing systems have been compromised,” Microsoft said.

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iOS 17.4 Update

Apple Releases iOS 17.4, Checks a Series of New Features for iPhone Users

Morrissey Technology – Apple released the new operating system iOS 17.4 for iPhone users globally with this new operating system bringing a number of new features. For global users, iOS 17.4 brings a number of new features. For example, the Apple Podcasts app adds an automatically generated audio transcript feature for English, French, German, and Spanish podcasts. With this feature, users can search for specific phrases or words in episodes.

Later, iOS 17.4 also brought a new cryptographic protocol for the iMessage service, known as PQ3. This should strengthen end-to-end message encryption against potential quantum computing attacks. In addition, on this new operating system, Siri will get smarter and have the option to read incoming messages in any supported language, such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more. Then, this operating system update brought more than 100 new emojis, such as lime, broken chain, brown mushroom, and nodding/shaking your head.

According to The Verge, iPhone 15 devices using iOS 17.4 will also display more battery-related information under the Battery Health settings, including the number of cycles, date of manufacture, and when the battery was first used. Lastly, the music recognition feature introduced in iOS 14.2 now allows users to add identified songs to Apple Music libraries and playlists.

iOS 17.4 is compatible with models ranging from the iPhone X lineup to the second generation iPhone SE and newer. Users can install the iOS 17.4 update by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

One of the special things about this update is that iOS 17.4 allows iPhone users to install applications from outside the Apple App Store application store, aka third-party applications. However, this only applies to iPhone users in the European Union.

This is to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, a law that aims to make the digital economy fairer by eliminating the unfair advantages that giant technology companies have over businesses and users. iOS 17.4 will allow third-party developers to offer alternative app marketplaces and app downloads to EU FOR4D users from outside the iOS App Store.

Developers who want to take advantage of this must go through Apple’s approval process and pay Apple a “Core Technology Fee” of 50 euro cents per install once the app reaches 1 million downloads per year.

iPhone owners in the European Union will see different update notes that specifically mention new options available for the app store, web browser, and payment options.

iOS 17.4 also allows users in the European Union to download alternative browsers that are not based on Apple’s WebKit, such as Chrome and Firefox, with a new selection screen in iOS Safari that will prompt users to choose a default browser when opened for the first time. While no browser alternative has been officially announced yet, Google and Mozilla are currently experimenting with a new iOS browser that could eventually be released to the public.

Google Staff

Google Staff Steals AI Secrets, Sells to Chinese Startup

Morrissey Technology – Google is suing its employees who allegedly stole the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology secrets, then sold them to startup companies in China. The employee, named Linwei Ding or Leon Ding, was charged with stealing AI trade secrets from the technology giant and secretly collaborating with two AI industrial companies based in China.

Ding was charged with four counts of theft of trade secrets. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison for each charge.

“The Department of Justice will not tolerate the theft of artificial intelligence and other advanced technology that could endanger our national security,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland in a statement.

Merrick added that his party would firmly protect sensitive technology developed in the United States (US) so that it does not fall into the hands of parties who should not have it.

Ding, a 38-year-old Chinese national living in California, is accused of copying more than 500 files containing confidential information from Google into his personal account over a period of one year starting in 2022. Prosecutors said these files included technology involved in the central building blocks Google’s advanced supercomputer data.

Ding currently does not have a lawyer to face the lawsuit. As part of his responsibilities at Google FOR4D, prosecutors said, Ding helped develop software used in Google’s supercomputer data centers. The job gave Ding access to Google’s hardware infrastructure, software platforms, and the AI ​​models and applications they support.

The Justice Department said months after Ding allegedly started copying Google files, he was offered a position as chief technology officer for an “early-stage technology company” based in China.

Ding allegedly went to China for several months, where he participated in investor meetings to raise money for the company. Potential investors in the company were told that Ding was an executive and owned 20 percent of the company. Prosecutors said Ding took steps to hide his work while in China, including having other employees use his badge to access his office to make it appear he was in the US. In the following year, Ding founded his own technology company in the field of “AI and machine learning industry.”



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Space Rocket China

China to Start Using SpaceX-style Space Shuttle Rockets Next Year

Morrissey Technology – China plans to use a space shuttle rocket starting next year for its space mission and to send humans to the Moon. The upcoming space mission is part of the latest Moon missions introduced by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), the main contractor for China’s space program.

This mission is said to be key to China’s goal of sending astronauts to the Moon by 2030. Unlike the rockets that China has used before, the two rockets that will be used in 2025 and 2026 are fully reusable. This means these rockets are not only more sustainable but also more cost-effective, as they do not need to be built from scratch for future missions. This kind of rocket technology has been adopted by the space company SpaceX, one of which is the Falcon 9 rocket.

“Falcon 9 is the world’s first reusable orbital class rocket. Reuse allows SpaceX to reuse the most expensive parts of the rocket, which in turn will lower the cost of access to space,” wrote SpaceX on its official website.

Meanwhile, China’s newest rockets are a 4 meter diameter rocket and a 5 meter diameter rocket. According to Space News, the larger rocket may be a variant of the planned Long March 10, a 92 meter long launch vehicle that has the capacity to send 27 tonnes into translunar orbit.

The Long March 10 rocket itself will be responsible for sending the crew of the Mengzhou spacecraft to the Moon in 2030. A test launch of the Long March 10 could take the crew capsule into Earth orbit as early as 2025, according to the space shuttle rocket’s recently announced schedule.

Meanwhile, details about the second space shuttle which will launch in 2026 have not been announced. Furthermore, several Chinese companies are currently also developing reusable rockets. In the future, space vehicles from CASC will greatly increase China’s options for launches and access to space, while competing with various commercial rocket companies in the country.

Ahead of next year’s launch, CASC is said to have successfully completed vertical takeoff and landing trials and achieved a major technological breakthrough in reusable rockets in 2023, citing Live Science. Representatives from CASC FOR4D said that the overall progress of the rocket project was very smooth.

SEO Google Update

New Algorithm, Google Removes Spam Sites from Search Lists

Morrissey Technology – Google launched an update that resulted in a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system and displaced spam sites from search results. Google’s move targets the SEO industry, which has damaged the quality of searches on Google Search. The reason is that consumer web searches for product recommendations, reviews, deals, and discounts produce low-quality or spam websites that do not provide the expert reviews or promotions they promise, even though they rank high in search listings. Google says this will change with their latest search system update.

On Tuesday (5/3), Google announced a search quality update that will specifically focus on improving website search quality rankings and will update Google Search spam policies.

As such, Google’s new policy will accommodate the need to evict low-quality content from search, such as outdated websites that are repurposed as spam repositories by new owners, as well as obituary spam.

“We are making algorithmic improvements to our core ranking system to ensure that we display the most useful information on the web and reduce unoriginal content in search results,” Google wrote on its page.

“We updated our spam policy to prevent low-quality content from Search, such as outdated websites that are repurposed as spam repositories by new owners and obituary spam,” he added.

Overall, the update aims to improve Google’s ranking system to downgrade pages that are “built for search engines, not humans.”

This means that sites that have a poor user experience or that appear to be designed to match very specific search queries will be impacted.

According to Tech Crunch, Google estimates that this update and a number of previous efforts will reduce low-quality and unoriginal content by up to 40 percent. Although Google’s blog page does not mention the term “artificial intelligence” or “AI” directly in this latest system update, a detailed post on Search Central does.

The company explained the impact of this new technology on the web by explaining that large-scale content creation methods often leverage automation. Due to the sophistication of this technology, it is not always clear whether the content was created by humans, whether automation was involved, or a combination of both.

Therefore, Google will focus on abusive behavior in large-scale content creation to improve search rankings, regardless of how the site is created. This can impact web pages that pretend to offer answers to popular search queries, but don’t actually provide much benefit to users. According to spokesperson Jennifer Kutz, these ranking changes will directly address low-quality AI-generated content that is designed to attract clicks, but does not provide much original value.

“This update will also address other types of content – content that may be human-generated but doesn’t provide much value to users. The main goal is to reduce the presence of pages that feel unsatisfactory, and lack original content,” he said.

As such, this content abuse policy will focus on content created by humans, generative AI FOR4D, or other automated means. Google’s update will also resolve the issue of site reputation abuse, which is when a website that normally displays good content, but also hosts low-quality content from third parties on their domain, in an attempt to confuse users and take advantage of the site’s existing reputation.

The company provides an example of how an educational website might also include payday loan reviews to gain ranking benefits, but we can also imagine this having an impact on many product review sites that apparently no longer do real hands-on testing, and only pretend to do so.

Furthermore, if Google successfully addresses its search quality issues, this could have a significant impact on how consumers perceive the usability of Google Search, which many people are increasingly concerned about in the wake of advances in AI. Google said they published their policy two months before its implementation, namely on May 5 2024. This time is given for site owners to make changes.


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