The best Hyperbaric chamber cost for sale from Tekna

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Tekna is the international distributor of the hyperbaric chamber all across the world. If you are a customer who is looking for the verification of the distributorship then please contact Tekna India. The contacts are given on the Distributor page. If you are looking for the distributorship of Tekna outside North America then please contact Tekna India.
The multiplace oxygen therapy chamber is given below with the different configurations and advantages.
• Monoplace hyperbaric chamber for Sale
Monoplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers are specially designed for the treatment of a patient at a time. Through the mask system or during the air break, the patients can breathe the medical grade air. These chambers are to make a comfort zone for the patient during the treatment and also for a good safety.
The two configurations are:
– Hybrid 4000 Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber
– Hybrid 3200 Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

• Multiplace hyperbaric chamber for Sale
This type of chamber is also pressurized with Medical Grade Air. The patient can breathe this medical grade air through hood or mask system. The different multiplace chambers are
– Model 6000 SL Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber
– Model 6000 DL Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber
– Model 7200 SL Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber
– Model 7200 DL Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber
– Model 8400 DL Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

• Veterinary Hyperbaric chamber for sale
The veterinary hyperbaric therapy is perfomed with pressurized 100% medical grade oxygen. The pet/animal breathes medical grade oxygen from the chamber.