How home has become energy efficient using duette?

Some people are quite worried about their electricity bills and energy consumption equipments which they use in my home like light bulbs, heaters, and AC. The bills are eating a great part of the salary and they would be quite confused. Hence people would be looking for some ways through which they can make the home energy efficient.
There were few suggestions offered over internet o use duette
window blinds to cover the windows and patio area. If you wonder how should it help in energy saving. The answer is you can save 40% of your homes energy consumption by using these blinds for your homes windows. It was amazing to know the fact that somebody can save that much amount by just installing a duette blinds in his windows. But before coming into conclusion it’s wise to tried it and believe me it really works. The energy consumption was really decreased to 30% overall and the charges of the electricity bills came to a considerable amount. So here are some tips on what exactly have to be done to accomplish this:–

• For bedroom: — Install the dark color duette blinds on the windows of the bedroom which makes it look gorgeous and also insulates heat. Now you can switch off the AC at night.
• For kitchen: When people enter kitchen to make food earlier there was pretty much heat and hence preparing food inside was very difficult. Now when installed with duette window blinds they insulate heat and now we can easily make food for me.
• Living room: using laptop with very much light would be difficult. Installing a light color duette blinds on the windows of the living room would be great. Light now comes after four times filtering from the duette in which any one can easily work on laptop.
If you want to use these techniques to make your home energy efficient then look for a good blinds provider near your area.